St. Joseph's...
...a place where the homeless
and the poor are welcomed as
our brothers and sisters.

...they come to us in need. And,
we strive to serve them with
compassion and love.

...a community that unites city
and suburbs, poor and affluent,
young and old, and people of
all colors.

...a place where hearts are
touched and consciousness
raised among many, so that
together we can begin to build
a more just society where all
people can live in peace.

We Need Your Help...
St. Joseph's cannot continue its vital work without your financial support. The Center depends primarily on donations to operate its programs and maintain the facility.

Your contribution provides hope for people in need.

Make a Donation...

Please help sustain our work by giving. Send your check to: St Joseph Social Service Center, 118 Division St., Elizabeth, NJ. You may also contribtue goods, please call us for details: 908.352.2989/2966
CLICK TO DONATE ONLINE »jacintaosb@yahoo.com

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Volunteers needed...
Volunteers Coordinator   ~   Projects Coordinator   ~   E-newsletter editor
E-newsletter writers    ~   Media Coordinator   ~   Photographer
Computer Instructors   ~    Drivers -- always needed for pick up / drop off of various items

Contact us: 908.352.2989/2966 or email: jacintaosb@yahoo.com

*  Soups  *  Canned Vegetables  * Canned Fruit  *  Peanut Butter  *  Jelly
*  Cereal * Shelf Stable Milk (32 ounce cartons)  *  Rice  *  Canned Beans (any type)
*  Spaghetti Sauce  *  Boxes of Spaghetti  *  Tuna Fish

  • Full size shampoo, conditioner, and soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Disposable razors
  • Deodorant (men's and women's)
  • Diapers, especially sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • Baby food and cereal. All flavors and varieties

Contact us: 908.352.2989/2966 or email: stjoseph@stjosephelizabeth.org

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Do Your Shopping at www.igive.com
If you do a lot of shopping online, we encourage you to use www.igive.com. For each purchase, part of the proceeds will be donated to St. Joseph’s Social Service Center at no charge to you. Joining is free and private. Choose from well-known retailers and select us as the beneficiary.
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St Joseph Social Service Center
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